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Sangnila Interactive Media and Technology is an idea, contents and solution provider IT company based in Indonesia. We embraced the constant and rapid change in the industry revolution 4.0 where advancements of technology is the main assets for our production house.
As our name suggest, our company is firmĀ 
believer of synergies between local asian cultures
and modern industry. Sangnila excels in providing
contents for IT, media and entertainment industry
which speacializes in animation, games,
visualizations and app developments.
Sangnila is an award-winning Web 3.0 game developer and an emerging leader in digital entertainment, gamification, and open education. We specialize in designing and developing AAA games for PC and mobile platforms, as well as co-producing animated films and creating virtual reality and mixed reality experiences.

We take pride in developing and producing the next generation of intellectual properties and projects that are becoming pillars of the open metaverse. Sangnila has a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Why Choose Us

We are ready to provide for the benefit of your brand. Here are
some things we excel at:
Progression is Always Important

What's Next For Sangnila ?

As a company we at Sangnila will never stop trying to improve ourself because there will always be room for improvement. Every project we tackle, and every people we meet will help us grow as time goes on.
We will always strive for perfection while always staying grounded and humble because we know that our best is only as good as our last project. Therefore Sangnila will always find new challenges
to overcome so that we may become better.

" The technology keeps moving forward, which
makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories
and paint the pictures they want. "

George Lucas

(Film Maker, Creator of Star Wars)